Drink Better Beer

Discover the Secrets of the Brewing Experts Sterling EPICURE, Out September 17, 2019

No matter the discipline, a single person, an expert preaching their personal gospel, often disseminates knowledge. Know what’s better than one person? More than 100 of them, their expertise collected into a single book. In Drink Better Beer, I tapped the brains of some of beer’s smartest folks across the industry's full spectrum: brewers, sensory experts, beer-store owners, chefs—anybody and everybody that can help demystify and make sense of our dizzying modern beer landscape and provide a road map to the future.     

With thousands of breweries creating a dizzying array of beers each year, learning from the experts is practically a necessity for the modern beer lover. Luckily, beer guru Joshua M. Bernstein is here to tap their wisdom for you, with sage advice about which brews to buy, how to taste your suds, and what to eat with them.

Drink Better Beer features the must-know insights of more than 100 professionals, including competition judges, beer consultants, and master brewers. Find out how to shop clever by heeding two simple rules. Learn the art of selecting the right glass, cleaning it, and executing the perfect pour. Make sense of all those aromas with just a couple of sniffing tricks. Unlock the taste secrets of different styles, learn when to drink, and how to know if your favorite beer store is treating their beer the way they should. Beer is getting complicated—Drink Better Beer will give you the confidence to buy smart and enjoy your pour even more.