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Homebrew World

Discover the Secrets of the World’s Leading Homebrewers

Sterling EPICURE, 2018

The book's inspiration stems from my homebrew tours. In a nutshell, I've been taking folks inside homebrewers' homes for the better part of a decade. You get to meet the brewers, see how they live and drink their beer. It's a mixture of voyeurism, inebriation and education. Wouldn't it be fun, I thought, to meet brewers on remote island in Thailand? What about Patagonia? Poland? Hong Kong? Hence, Homebrew World was born, featuring interviews from some of the world's most fascinating homebrewers. 

Go behind the scenes with more than 30 cutting-edge brewers across the globe and see how the magic happens.
Meet the award winners, visionaries, and scofflaws leading the homebrew revolution. How did they get started? What equipment do they use? Where do they find storage space? What are their hopping techniques, yeast strategies, and aging methods? How do they keep temperatures constant without sophisticated climate controls? What’s their best recipe? Get to know the Stylists who hammer home perfect takes on time-honored beers; the Hop Pack who boldly push IPAs and other hop-forward brews into fragrant new territory; the Wild Ones who are harvesting ambient yeast, unleashing rowdy microbes, and experimenting with souring bacteria to extend the boundaries of good taste; and the Creative Front, who follow one simple rule—no rules at all. Along the way, you’ll discover what triggered the homebrewing renaissance, learn how some of the greatest beers went from kitchen table to world domination, hear from the pros about their successes and failures, and find out how to run your own homebrew tour. Then use the handy calendar of events to plan your next beer trip and dive headlong into the homebrew world.