Men's Journal: Final Pour

Final Pour

This year, Men’s Journal hired me to create their inaugural Final Pour competition, a contest modeled after the NCAA’s basketball tournament. The gist: 64 breweries, both the vanguard and buzzy newcomers alike, battle for supremacy. I helped pick the field, get bottles and cans for the photo shoot and, well, wrote up dang near every word.


It was a ton of work.

But it turned out great.

Pint-Sized Adventures: Modern Beer Travel

Imbibe_Pint-Sized Adventures

In the March/April 2019 issue of Imbibe magazine, I take a deep look at what compels people to travel for beer. When flights of beer are available at every brewery taproom around the corner, why book a flight to drink beer? It’s a fun dive into obsession and frequent-flier miles, RVs and road trips gone awry. The story is currently on newsstands only for the moment. Journalism: not everything is free!

Imbibe 75: Beer Person of the Year

Photo: Scott Suchman

Photo: Scott Suchman

Each January for Imbibe magazine, I tackle some of the movers and shakers that are going to change the way that we’ll drink and think over the course of the year. Most of the content isn’t online (hey, we’re trying to get people to buy magazines), but you can find my write-up on Hollie Stephenson, the head brewer at Guinness’s U.S. outpost in Baltimore. She’s helping bring the brand into the 21st century by, say, fermenting witbiers with Guinness yeast. It’s a wild new future for a historical brand.

Let's Go to the Mall...for Beer

Photo: Explorium Brewpub

Photo: Explorium Brewpub

I spent much of my youth wandering malls, buying cassette tapes and eating McDonald’s burgers in the food court. It was my childhood, no changing that, but I don’t have a hankering to return to a mall anytime soon. But if there’s one thing that could change that, it’s beer. Beer! Taking advantage of ample square footage, affordable real estate and a captive audience sick of Sbarro, a number of breweries have taken root in malls that are trying to re-cast their image for a new generation. I tackle the story for SevenFifty Daily.

Can Craft Beer Save the Minibar?

Photo: Longman & Eagle

Photo: Longman & Eagle

It has been a longggggggggg time since I’ve bought a beer from a hotel minibar, the land of overpriced mass-produced lager and $8 bottles of water. But! Smart hotels are upgrading the in-room experience with intriguing, locally brewed. For October, I tackle how hotels are giving their rooms an IPA-fueled boost.