Karl Strauss Brewing's 21st Anniversary Ale/Radio News

I'm on the radio! Photo: Flickr/roadsidepictures

Oh, hi there, thirsty friends. This week finds me navigating the delicious waters of San Diego's Karl Strauss Brewing, which celebrated its 21st anniversary by releasing this marvelous ale made with Zinfandel grapes. It's then aged with a heap of oak chips, which gives it that good and woodsy flavor I adore so much. Want to read the full review? Head to Slashfood, my online repository for oodles of beer reviews. Read it up!

Additionally, if you would like to hear me discuss this beer with my very own spoken words, head over to the Heritage Radio Network. Last week, I was a featured guest on the Beer Sessions show, which entailed me drinking far too much and trying not to sound like a buffoon. Did it work? Heck if I know. I refuse to listen to the sound of my voice. But you can!