Most Memorable Beers of 2010

Writing a year-end top 10 list is akin to asking for conflict. Taste is subjective, opinions are rampant. At their best, these lists will turn people on to new foods, drinks, movies, music -- whatever floats your boat -- and incite thoughtful discussion. At their worst, these lists will bring out the cranky-pants eager to shout you down. "I can't BELIEVE you picked that [insert thing]. It's terrible. THAT THING is so much better."

That said, here's my list of my most memorable beers from 2010. Notice I didn't say "best." That's foolhardy. There are many, many bests out there. But here are the beers that tickled my taste buds in 2010. Curious what made the list? Care to argue? Read it up over at Slashfood.