Hopworks Organic Survival "7-Grain" Stout - Beer of the Week

Photo: illupino, Flickr

In February, I flew to Portland, Oregon, with two suitcases: one full of clothes, one completely empty. My goal was to bring back as much delicious Pacific Northwest beer as possible. It's a shame that so many delicious suds don't make their way past the Rocky Mountains, much less the Oregon border. And of all the beers that I brought back, a few stood out: namely, the Hopworks Urban Brewery's Survival "7-Grain" Stout. Packed with unusual grains such as quinoa, kamut and spelt, as well as a hearty dose of Stumptown espresso, this stout is a roasty, creamy, surprisingly balanced delight -- with just enough coffee to appease the java junkies. Curious? Read the full review at Slashfood. Drink it up!