Rise Up Brewing

As a child growing up in southwestern Ohio, I spent many a day in Chicago. It was my family's favorite spring break destination (strange, I know), where we'd scarf down dim sum and deep-dish pizza with equal fervor. But after I graduated from college and moved to New York, Chicago receded into the rear-view mirror. A decade passed before I ventured back to town in May to do a feature on the city's burgeoning brewing scene.

While Goose Island may be synonymous with the city, there's a swell of upstarts such as Revolution Brewing, Haymarket and Half Acre — and a half dozen other breweries and counting — that are filling local tap lines and making the city's craft beer scene a winner. Even if the Cubs are not. Curious? You can check out the article (complete with pretty pictures!) in Imbibe, or you can check out the article online. Curious? Drink it up!