Black Friday Brewed Awakening Sale

Photo: Silverfox09

To commemorate today's crazy shopping kickoff, I'm selling discounted signed copies of Brewed Awakening. For $21.95 ($4 off list price till 11/28), you get an autographed copy of the hardcover, full-color book (please send me any dedication you desire), two full-color coasters of the book cover, plus a limited-edition button or two. Cost includes shipping and handling within the continental United States. I will also seal the envelope with my own two hands.  I will also lick the envelope, too, if that's what you want.

And now back to your regularly scheduled shopping blitz.

P.S. Yes, the book costs a bit more from me than Amazon, but this way the sales directly support the author. And you get a signed copy. And buttons. Buttons!