Tickets on Sale for May 12 Homebrew Tour

Oh, hi there. Despite New York's gnat-size apartments, NYC homebrewers refuse to let space limitations detract them from their mission: crafting some of the city's tastiest beer. On this tour, you'll venture inside the homes of three of the city's finest amateur brewers, who will display their set-ups, discuss their craft and, most importantly, open up their stash of superlative beer.

This tour will take us across Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Brooklyn. We're starting in Williamsburg with the hoppy beers of Ryan McMahon, before heading to Greenpoint to meet Pete Lengyel, the founder of the Brooklyn Brewsers homebrew club. Lastly, we're wrapping up in Greenpoint with Brooklyn Homebrew's Kyler Serfass. (Check him out in this video!)

Tickets: $30 On sale: Thursday, April 19, 10 a.m. Buy them here! Sorry, we're sold out.