Writing Roundup: December Edition

Drunk To say that the last few months have been crazy is to put it mildly. I've traveled to Denver, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Upstate New York and across New Jersey, hucking The Complete Beer Course to the best of my drunken ability. I welcomed the arrival of my daughter, Violet, which means I've had to learn to be a dad. (The secret: lots of late-night beer. And making peace with the fact that I will change approximately 8,000 diapers over the next few years.)

Beyond that, I stuck closely to my writing routine, cranking out a number of stories despite, or possibly aided by, a healthy dose of sleep deprivation. Here are some highlights from the last few months of wordsmanship.

Men's Journal, "Expert Advice: How to Be a Better Beer Drinker": For starters, send back that frozen glassware.

Bon Appétit, "9 Milk Stouts to Drink If You’re Breastfeeding—or Just Thirsty"With my wife having just given birth, this story is rather appropriate.

Bon Appétit, "Best Hoppy Beers—New Trends of 2013": From Cluster to Mosaic hops, this has been a tasty year.

Bon Appétit, "Perfect Beer Pairings for Thanksgiving": Saisons rule.

Wine Enthusiast, "Buzz Killers—Top Low-Alcohol Beers"Here, I break down the session-beer movement for wine drinkers.

Imbibe, "Of a Certain Age": Inspired by sherry and port producers, craft brewers are using the solera process to create timeless vintages. Note: it's print-only.

First We Feast, "Best New Beers of 2013":

Culture, "Winter Warmer Wonderland": When it comes to family gatherings during the long stretch of winter holidays (or during any time of the year, for that matter), libations can be an essential ingredient.

Beer Advocate, "From the Source—Grimm Artisanal Ales": Here, the story of Brooklyn's newest gypsy brewers.

Draft, "Waiter, There's Food in My Stout": Oysters are just the start.

Epicurious.com, "Best Beer Pairings for Winter": Flourless chocolate cake and an imperial stout is a flawless pairing.