March Writing Round-up

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Fine readers!

What a last month. New York City Beer Week came and went, kicking my butt with so, so much beer. I ran two events (Jimmy's Homberew Jamboree and Winter's Grind), wrote numerous stories and still found time to be a good dad to Violet. She's getting so big, so soon. But anyway, you don't want to see me get all weepy, shedding tears in my beer. You want to read about beer! Beer! Beer! Here are some of the stories I've knocked out over the last six weeks. Happy reading.

Maxim, “How the Pickleback Became the People's Shot”: Pickle juice + whiskey = awesome.

Maxim, “French Brandy's Big Break”: Why you should give Cognac a second chance.

First We Feast, “Beer With Baby: Bissell Brothers The Substance”: A teething toddler is a terrific excuse to drink a hop bomb. P.S. This is my last Beer With Baby column with First We Feast. Who wants to run the column? Hmm!

Bon Appétit, “Why Breweries Are Focusing on Single-Hop Beer”: The power of one is a delicious, delicious thing.

Bon Appétit, “Why Successful Breweries Keep Launching Spin-offs”: The answer: brand expansion as an act of creative freedom.

Wine Enthusiast, “History of Hops in Beer”: A pinpoint primer for the wine-sipping set.

Culture, “Hey, Porter”: Dark, complex, and once beloved around the world, porter is a winter-friendly dark brew that is poised for a comeback

Culture, “In the Wash in the Crown Finish CavesThe scoop on my beer-and-cheese event 30 feet underground, in an ancient Brooklyn lagering cave.