Run the Jewels Puts Extra Hops in Their Hip-Hop

Interboro and Run the Jewels' Stay Gold IPA

For October, I wrote the exclusive early preview about the collaborative IPA between Brooklyn's Interboro and hip-hop duo Run the Jewels. There's more to this partnership than a love of hazy IPAs...


If fate’s fortuitous twists lead you to hip-hop artist El-P’s bedroom, your eyes might gravitate to his dresser. After all, it’s hard to ignore Steven Seagal’s face on the six-pack of Lightning Bolt, a long-discontinued energy drink stuffed with herbal mumbo jumbo including Tibetan goji berries and Asian cordyceps, a.k.a. parasitic fungus.

“I promise you, I tasted one can of Steven Segal Lightning Bolt and will never taste it again,” El-P says of his unopened can keepsakes — celebrity gag as a gag reflex.

Despite the despicable flavor (“My sinuses are filling up with electric eels,” wrote one Amazon reviewer), the idea of branded canned beverage held real appeal for El-P, one half of rap powerhouse Run the Jewels alongside Killer Mike. “It would just be fucking cool to have a six-pack with my logo on a beer can,” he says. “That alone would make me happy.”

This month, that boozy dream will become an alcohol-laced reality with the release of Stay Gold IPA, named after a banger on the duo’s latest album, Run the Jewels 3. The beer will be unveiled at Run the Jewels’ New York City show at Terminal 5 on February 25 (the first of four dates), before encoring in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 14 at the October Kickoff Party.