These Beers are Better Than Egg Nog

Photo: Evil Twin

Photo: Evil Twin

With a last name like Bernstein, there’s no hiding that I light a menorah’s candles and celebrate Hanukah’s eight flickering nights.

My lineage is a little more confusing, and I’ve consumed more eggnog than you might imagine. Mom was raised Catholic, later aligning with Dad’s Judaism. The mixed upbringing manifested itself during the holidays, when we dunked fried latkes, or potato pancakes, in applesauce while sipping store-bought eggnog.

The viscous texture was a total turnoff, creamy nasal discharge sprinkled with enough nutmeg to make a pumpkin beer. Tradition never translated to pleasure, and eggnog slowly faded from our fridge. Even as a grown-up, or whatever I am now, liquor-spiked nog won’t float my boat. Give me bourbon or beer, that’s how I take my seasonal cheer.

Happily, brewing is abuzz with beers that are ace alternatives to eggnog, embracing the best attributes of winter and the maligned cocktail – minus the nauseating effects.