Barrel Aged

Firestone Walker 14 - Beer of the Week

Photo: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

This week, I turn my cold-weakened taste buds to the West Coast, where I pour myself a big ol' glass of Firestone Walker's 14. The brewery's annual anniversary beer is a tour de force blend of barrel-aged stouts, barley wines and double strength pale ales. Instead of ending up a disgusting jumble, like one of the cocktails you construct from the dregs of your liquor cabinet, 14 is a nuanced marvel. Want to hear more? Drink up my full review at Slashfood!

Deschutes' Jubel 2010 - Beer of the Week


Though the clock has just struck 10:19 am, I got the thirst. It was a long night at work, my chickadees, and when I work till 3am, I fantasize about drinking a beer as soon as possible. This'd be a good one. Jubel 2010 is Deschutes' once-a-decade seasonal, a dreamboat of a winter ale that's aged in oak pinot noir barrels for upward of 13 months till it's nicely marinated.  Strong, nuanced and oaky, with hints of dark fruit and hops, it'll take the edge off any day. Or night. Or morning. Curious? Read my full review here at Slashfood.

Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout - Beer of the Week

Photo: DROOO, Flickr

Though the temperatures have ramped up a tad this week, last week was all icicles and frostbite. Fittingly, I had a hankering for a super-dark beer, one to put even more hair on my chest. To that end, I looked toward Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout, a barrel-aged beauty that's as dark as my heart with just a hint of bourbon flavors. Heavens, this could warm up a corpse, it's that's good. Perhaps we should send St. Bernard dogs into the icy tundra with bottles of this strapped around their neck. Anyway, if you're thirsty, drink it up!