Cult Beer

Cult Beer in Americaa

In this month's Imbibe, I undertook a Herculean task: to select 50 of the most cultish beers in the world, plus their worthy understudies. As we all know, this is impossible. Any list is guaranteed to incite readers, many of whom will sing the hosanas of their favorite beers that they felt were left out. That's the challenge of lists like these. You have a finite number of slots to fill, and you can't include anyone. You are also trying to be fair and balanced, providing a great range of beers across the country, as well as the world. I'd love to show you the fruits of my labor and have you weigh in, but, well, the article is print-only. Alas! To tide you over, here's a list of upcoming cult-beer releases. Do let me know if you get your hands on a copy, though.