Daily Meal

Hit Me With Your Worst Shot

That's a pickled human toe from Canada's Sourdough Saloon. You drink whiskey. With the toe. In a drink called the Sourtoe Cocktail.

With more than a decade of professional drinking under my belt (and a few other years of, ahem, recreational drinking), I've taken my fair share of fetid shots. Whiskey, moonshine, horseradish vodka, mama juana: you name it, I've likely flung it down my gullet. And just for you, I've corralled 10 of the worst shots known to mankind for today's tale penned for the Daily Meal: "Hit Me With Your Worst Shot." Drink it up. If you dare.

America's Bitterest Brews

A total hop head! Photo: Flickr/NZBrewer

Oh, hi there! I just started writing for spanking-new food and drink website The Daily Meal, penning tales of expensive foodstuffs and, last week, America's bitterest brews. This, of course,  is completely subjective. One man's bitter is the next person's sweet. But for the sake of argument -- and doesn't everyone love a good argument? -- I penned a story of America's bitterest brews for the Daily Meal. Agree? Disagree? That's the point. Drink it up!