Imbibe 75: Beer Person of the Year

Photo: Scott Suchman

Photo: Scott Suchman

Each January for Imbibe magazine, I tackle some of the movers and shakers that are going to change the way that we’ll drink and think over the course of the year. Most of the content isn’t online (hey, we’re trying to get people to buy magazines), but you can find my write-up on Hollie Stephenson, the head brewer at Guinness’s U.S. outpost in Baltimore. She’s helping bring the brand into the 21st century by, say, fermenting witbiers with Guinness yeast. It’s a wild new future for a historical brand.

My Obligatory St. Patrick's Day Beer Story

Can't wait till Saturday. Whee!

Each year, it seems, I can't escape St. Patrick's Day without being forced to write a story incorporating Guinness, corned beef and at least one Gaelic pun. Well, no fear! This year is no different. Click here for my Epicurious rundown on the best way to pair food with an Irish-themed pint or two. Or, more likely, 11.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout - Beer of the Week

Photo: [paumelia], Flickr

In this week's column, I turn my taste buds to Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, the hoppier, stronger, bittersweet version of classic Guinness. It's like regular Guinness, but with a craft beer spin — and finally available in American for the first time since Prohibition. Curious? Check out the full review at Slashfood. Drink it up!