Dollar Pizza. Or, My Worst Idea Ever

Photo: Sam Horine

I am a man filled with many bad ideas, but this may have been the worst: spend the day carousing Manhattan, eating nothing bu slices of pizza that cost a buck. The adventure was for my Metromix Dollar Grub column, a moment of low-cost inspiration I'm still ruing all these years later. Want to see me go from hungry to queasy? Check out the full story at Metromix. Eat it up! Sorry, the company has folded and deleted my story.

Dollar Grub: Brighton Beach

Have you ever tried to slice an apple in half with a plastic knife? It ain't easy, chickadees. Anyway, lookie here! It's my latest installment of Dollar Grub: Brighton Beach edition. I look like an utter fool and nearly toss my cookies and pickles on the Cyclone. Then again, when do I not look like a fool?