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The Inside Scoop on Why Sam Adams Bought Dogfish Head

Jim Koch (left) and Sam Calagione at Eataly in New York City.

Jim Koch (left) and Sam Calagione at Eataly in New York City.

In early May, news broke big and loud that Sam Adams bought Dogfish Head. The very next day after the announcement, I had the chance to chat with Jim Koch and Sam Calagione about why the sale went down. I turned the interviews into a rapid-fire article for Men’s Journal, making sense of the sale for one and all. Curious? Oh boy, do I have a link for you!

Men's Journal: Final Pour

Final Pour

This year, Men’s Journal hired me to create their inaugural Final Pour competition, a contest modeled after the NCAA’s basketball tournament. The gist: 64 breweries, both the vanguard and buzzy newcomers alike, battle for supremacy. I helped pick the field, get bottles and cans for the photo shoot and, well, wrote up dang near every word.


It was a ton of work.

But it turned out great.

The 50 Best* Craft Beers in America

Men's Journal_50 Best

*Writing a best-beer package of any kind is to invite anger and objection. You’re wrong! [Insert any beer] is better! Better! So when Men’s Journal asked me to help put together this package, I took a different approach. I wanted to focus on the stories of people as much as trends, not just rehashing the same ol’, same ol’. Did I do a good job? That’s for you to decide. And to argue about.

The Reinvented Beer and a Shot

Photo: Arcane Distilling

Photo: Arcane Distilling

For Men's Journal, I tackle one of the more unique trends in brewing today: beer whiskey.

See, modern brewers regularly dabble in distilleries’ toolsheds, aging rich stouts and barley wines in onetime whiskey and bourbon barrels. Now distillers are turning the tables and producing beer-inspired whiskeys: seasoning them with citrusy hops for a subtle, fruity kick; using ale yeast to give them extra richness; and even distilling IPAs into a hoppy, fragrant liquor. 

August Articles: The Update It's time you had a beer. Willie approves. 

Howdy, friends. Summer has been a tilt-a-whirl of travel, from staying at a girls' camp outside Portland, Maine, to riding on Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp bus in California, camping in Cooperstown, spending a week on Fire Island and, well, sleeping in a shack in Richmond, Virginia. Through all the travel, I've been writing like crazy. Seriously, I can't remember a summer when I've penned so many stories.

That might explain why I really, really need a break. This Labor Day weekend, I'm looking forward to spending the majority of my time pants-less, drinking beer—which isn't really so different from my day-to-day life, you know. Pants stifle creativity! Or maybe I'm just lazy. Which could also be the case.

Anyhoo! Without further ado, here are the highlights from my last few months of stories. Read away!

First We Feast, "Beer With Baby: Evil Twin Nomader Weisse": Yup, I'm getting drunk with my daughter.

First We Feast, "Beer With Baby: Victory Summer Love": Still getting drunk with my daughter.

First We Feast, "Beer With Baby: Modern Times Blazing World": Man, how drunk can I get with my daughter?

Bon Appétit, "10 Great Beer Lover's Hotels Across America, from Vermont to California"Drinking beer and passing out has never been simpler.

 Bon Appétit, "How (Good) American Beers Are (Finally) Conquering Europe": IPAs have become our country's finest export.

 Bon Appétit, "You Should Be Drinking These Belgian-Style Beers Right Now": I also include a gose and a Berliner weisse. But still: start drinking.

Draft, "Metal Head: The Tale of Woody Chandler": Pennsylvania's Woody Chandler is on a quest to drink canned beer. All of them.

Wine Enthusiast, "America's Five Best Beer Cities": Want to get people riled up? Make a list. And don't include their city.

Men's Journal, "Sierra Nevada Beer Camp": I rode on the bus. And drank so, so much beer.

Imbibe, "What Does Craft Really Mean": My cover story tackles the thorny question: What does craft beer really mean these days?