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How to Meet Me at the Great American Beer Festival

Though it's early in the morning, I need a beer to calm down the butterflies in my stomach. More than 18 months after the journey to create Brewed Awakening began, the book is ready to be released to the world. Though it's not officially hitting shelves till November 1, I'm headed to Denver on Thursday morning to pre-release the book at the Great American Beer Festival.

If you've never been, the GABF will blow your beer-loving mind—or at least your liver. Over the course of three days, more than 400 breweries dispense more than 2,000 different kinds of beer. Trying them all is a foolhardy mission, not that some attendees don't give it the ol' college try.

Last year, I wandered the beer-soaked aisles sampling ales and lagers to my stomach's discontent. This year, I'm going to be signing books, submitting to interviews and hosting parties. If you're headed out to Denver and want to nab a book or just say hey, here's my schedule for the weekend:

Thursday, September 29: Denver, Colorado 8 p.m.–9 p.m. Brewed Awakening signing at the Great American Beer Festival

Friday, September 30: Denver, Colorado 5 p.m.–7 p.m. Brewed Awakening signing at the Ghost Plate & Tap. Come get warmed up before the GABF! We're going to be pouring a special dry-hopped ESB dosed with oak chips and raffle off a not-yet-released, barrel-aged Breckenridge brew.

Friday, September 30: Denver, Colorado 8 p.m.–9 p.m. Brewed Awakening signing at the Great American Beer Festival

Saturday, October 1: Denver, Colorado 3 p.m.–4 p.m.; 8 p.m.–9 p.m. Brewed Awakening signing at the Great American Beer Festival

Saturday, October 1: Denver, Colorado 4:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m. Brewed Awakening signing at the Corner Office, which is right around the corner from the Colorado Convention Center. New Belgium will be pouring special brews, and there will be dirt-cheap deals on delicious food. You will need to eat, yes you will.

10 Great Brews, in Cans. No Kidding

Photo: Mike Davis

For the latest issue of MIX, the food and drink magazine of the Oregonian, the editors asked me turn my jaundiced liver to the best canned beers available in the Pacific Northwest. In the course of my, err, research (heavens, I never tire of that joke) I found numerous worthy beers, and many standouts. Seriously, the Fort George Vortex IPA and 1811 Lager are two of my favorite beer find of 2011 so far. To read about them, as well as the New Belgium Ranger IPA and Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema, check out my article over at MIX. Drink it up!

Will Bike for Beer

In this month's issue of Imbibe, I examine the intersection of bicycling and beer. At first blush, these two pursuits may seem as incompatible as oil and water. But peek beneath the handlebars, and you'll notice that the two pursuits are driven by equal parts passion and commitment. The article hops from New Belgium to Deschutes, to Portland, Oregon's Hopworks to Pittsburgh's East End Brewing. As an avid cyclist, this was a personally fulfilling story to report. The issue should be on the newsstands soon or, if you're trapped before your computer, check it out over at

New Belgium Ranger IPA - Beer of the Week

Photo: Robsalot

Monday already? Sweet heavens, where do the days go. Existential ennui aside, this week I turn my fuzzy-eyed attention to New Belgium's Ranger IPA. It's the first super-hoppy release from the Fort Collins, Colorado, crew that, not surprisingly, tends to focus on Belgian-style beers. Nonetheless, the Ranger is hop-head heaven, with a pungent nose and super-easy drinkability. Curious? Read my full review at Slashfood.