Hear, Hear (Me) on Good Beer Hunting and Beer Sessions

BERNSTEIN_GBH Lately, there's been a strange phenomenon: Folks have been feeding me loads of beer, then letting me talk on the radio. Fools, I know, but all in good fun. If you're craving my voice and thoughts, you can listen to me on Good Beer Hunting's latest podcast, as well as Beer Sessions Radio. On Beer Sessions, we talk extensively to Rockmill Brewery's Matthew Barbee, who runs one of the country's finest farm-focused breweries.

Recent Radio Appearances

Well! Now that life is slowing down a smidgen after the whirlwind that was my book launch and my honeymoon (two weeks in Vietnam and Thailand—huzzah!), I can finally get kind of caught up on all my recent sonic appearances. If you feel like listening to me talk, talk and talk (sometimes quite drunkenly, mind you), here are a few of my latest blabbings:

Beer O'Clock (11/12//11) I jaw with Beer Goddess Lisa Morrison on her weekly Pacific Northwest radio show.

Brewing Network (12/4/11)  While I was in California for my December tour swing, I stopped by the Brewing Network headquarters on dropped some science on craft beer trends and blowing a shofar. For serious.

Aleheads (1/13)Half in my cups off of Mission Street Pale Ale and a few fat fingers of Rittenhouse Rye, I spoke at length on the future of craft beer. Listen to the future!