Putting on the Spritz: Breweries Shake Up Cocktail-Inspired Beers


Brewers have never been bashful about creating facsimile beers, like the campfire-inspired Dino S’mores by Off Color Brewing in Chicago and the popsicle-like Orange Dreamsicle by Great Notion Brewing, based in Portland, Oregon. Of late, cocktails have lent a spirited spark, letting breweries mine mixed drinks’ familiar flavors and rich cultural and emotional resonance. 

For SevenFifty Daily, I dive into the trend to discover how cocktail-inspired beers can create new audiences and spike sales. It’s a fun read. I swear! Or I’ll owe you a margarita-style gose.

Back in Black

Heavens to Betsy, you know I love my bitter beers. Give me hops, or give me death! Well, don't give me death. But lately, hoppy beers have begun displaying a most peculiar pigmentation: black. While this color usually signifies a beer as dark and menacing as Darth Vader, these bitter brews remain remarkably light and nimble, with just a lick of coffee, cocoa, roast and toast. I touch on this trend in my most recent Food Republic post. Curious? Drink it up! And welcome to the dark side.