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For the annual Time Out New York beer issue, I strapped on my journalistic hat—and fired up my iron liver—and set about finding some of the best new brews to hit the East Coast in 2011. From the barrel-aged, wild yeast–spiked creations of the Anchorage Brewing Company to the beautifully balanced pale ales of the Maine Beer Co., last year was a delicious time to be a New York City beer drinker. Check out my full round-up right...here.

In addition, I penned an article on Manhattan's newest brewpub, 508 GastroBrewery, and received some good ink on Brewed Awakening. Still need to grab a copy? It's on sale right now at Amazon.

Manhattan's Best Sandwiches

One of the 2nd Ave Deli's monstrous sandwiches. Photo: Flickr/rikomatic

In this week's issue of Time Out New York, I turned my appetite to the pleasures of sliced bread. I run down some of Manhattan's best sandwiches, from the corned-beef delights of the 2nd Ave Deli (where my grandfather once toiled at the original location) to a deconstructed General Tso's Tofu served up by mad toque Tyler Kord at No. 7 Sub. The drool-worthy slide show awaits here.

The Season's Best New Beers - and Other Such Articles

Photo: Brent Rostad/Flickr

Hey, I've been in France for the last week, turning myself into a roly-poly on far too much cheese and wine and sausage. Mmm...sausage. But in a fevered bit of blog-cleaning, here's a few of the stories that have hit newsstands and the Inter-nerd in the last week.

"The Season's Best New Beers," published in Time Out.

"Lion Stout — Beer of the Week," published on Slashfood.

"Sunset Park $1 Eating Walk," published in Time Out.

Deal Ticket

cheap.jpgHowdy, chickadees: The last month has been all about me being a cheapskate which, now that I think about it, is really no different than the first 29 years of my life. Except now I'm getting paid to be cheap. This week, I crafted a diet for Time Out New York that, for the low price of $19.99, will allow you to eat and get bamboozled for a week. Amazing? Depressing? You decide. Eat it up!