Upright Brewing

Five Great Places to Get Pie-Eyed in PDX

For craft beer consumers, Portland, Oregon, might just be mecca. Dozens of breweries and brewpubs dot the city, serving up suds as inventive as they're flavorful. Picking a favorite place to drink is as tough as my parents picking their favorite kid. (Hey, Mom and Dad, it's me, right?) But for Food Republic, I penned a piece highlighting my five favorite spots from a recent trip to the Rose City. I loved the sour beers at Cascade Barrel House, the hoppy ales from Hopworks, the farmhouse-style brews from Upright and the, uh, offerings at Mary's Club. Curious? Check out the full article at Food Republic. Drink it up!

So the Story Gose

In this month's issue of Imbibe magazine, I trained my taste buds on gose, a salty, sour and sublimely refreshing style of German beer. Once nearly extinct, gose has been making a comeback thanks to bang-up breweries such as Portland, Oregon's Cascade and Upright, as well as New Hampshire's Portsmouth Brewery and Southern California's Hollister. Gose is sort of like a sour beer with training wheels: The tartness won't always knock your socks off, and the salt serves to smooth out and sharpen the beer's profile. You can find my story on newsstands now (filled with plenty of pretty pictures!), or you can read it online now. Drink it up!