Clown Shoes Clementine - Beer of the Week

This week's beer takes its cues from the circus—sort of. Clown Shoes, hailing from Massachusetts, turns out some of the better hop-forward beers I've had lately, including the heavenly Hoppy Feet black IPA and the Eagle Claw Fist Imperial amber, which is doctored with tropical Citra hops. But with spring inching around the corner, I'm going to put my weight behind Clementine, a wondrous witbier with plenty of orange flavor and a spritzy spring in its steps. Curious? Read up the full review at Slashfood!

Asheville Brewing Company's Christmas Jam Ale - Beer of the Week

'Tis the season to get sloshed.

Mmm...Christmastime, oh, Christmastime, it's time to get tanked. This week we take a trip to the South, where we find our dear friends at the Asheville Brewing Company. These ace suds men have turned out a December treat, the totally quaffable Christmas Jam Ale. It ain't nutmeg and nonsense—it's a crisp, cloudy witbier with hints of orange and coriander. It's thirsty times for your tongue. Want some? Drink it up!