I’ve reported on beer for more than 15 years, earning deep insights about how the industry works, inside-out. From trend forecasting to helping you fine-tune a business plan, I’m happy to offer my expertise. 

Beer Tasting & Tour Packages

Need helping planning your next big beer adventure? From birthday beer bashes to guided tastings and brewery tours, I have a trio of curated packages available.


Being a journalist and author, plus an event producer and tour guide, is not a natural combination. One is an insular field, the other outgoing. But for most of my life I’ve been the one getting excited about irrational ideas, be it bowling at a Fraternal Order of Eagles bowling alley in Yakima, Washington, or driving a broken-down car from London to Mongolia.

Visualize. Actualize. Make it happen.

I’ve been able to combine writing about beer with organizing public and private beer events, from behind-the-scenes tours on Queens’ best IPA breweries to beer-and-cheese pairings 30 feet underground, in bygone Brooklyn lagering caves.

Want someone to organize an event for your birthday? Anniversary? Lazy Saturday? I’m your man to turn beer dreams into a hop-soaked reality.

Homebrew Tours

Since September 2009, I’ve led tours of some of New York City’s finest homebrewers. The reason is simple: Despite New York’s gnat-size apartments, NYC homebrewers refuse to let space limitations detract them from their mission—crafting some of the city’s tastiest beer. By and large you’ll never get to taste of these delectable DIY suds. But here’s your chance: On this intimate homebrew tour, you and 25 strangers—soon to become drinking buddies and friends—will venture inside the homes of three of the city’s finest amateur brewers. Part voyeuristic excursion, part bar crawl, part educational class, the tour features brewers displaying their set-ups, discussing their craft and, most importantly, opening their stash of superlative beer. Try them now before these amateurs become tomorrow’s professionals. So far, SingleCut, Conner Fields, Transmitter, Finback, Strong Rope, Kings County Brewers Collective, Foul Mouthed, and Fifth Hammer have all been veterans of my homebrew tour.